Single Visit Crowns

Restoring your smile doesn’t mean that you need multiple procedures and long waiting times. If you need a crown, inlays, onlays, dental implant, veneers, etc., you can now restore your damaged teeth in just a single dental visit thanks to CEREC®. Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic (CEREC®) is a revolutionary dental technology that is comprised of several computer-assisted design (CAD) tools and a milling machine to create custom ceramic restorations within minutes and without any impressions, temporary crowns, or second appointments.

With CEREC®, instead of taking an alginate impression of your tooth, your dentist simply takes a digital image of it. The computer then designs your new custom restoration and the design is sent to the milling machine, which fabricates your new high-quality restoration while you wait. A few minutes later it is cemented on your tooth and the procedure is completed, all in one visit.

While there are countless benefits of CEREC®, some of the most noteworthy include:

  • No temporary restorations
  • High-quality ceramic products
  • Minimal invasiveness
  • Less injections and discomforts
  • Long lasting restorations
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Few dental visits
  • Biocompatible solutions

Come experience the magic of CEREC® for yourself and restore your smile in just one visit at Brodner Dentistry. Contact our experienced dental team for more information or to schedule your CEREC® appointment today.

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